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Your home, building or business HVAC or refrigeration system does more than keep temperatures consistent and money in your pocket. It can impact health, productivity levels, profit, safety, and energy bills – not to mention tenant comfort and happiness. We can help you! With a wide range of equipment experience from residential AC/heat pumps/ductless splits/on demand water heaters/hot water tanks etc.. to commercial equipment such as roof top units to food service industry equipment restaurant and grocery we are ready to help!

Adopting a preventative maintenance program or scheduled maintenance is critical to ensuring your system functions properly and efficiently. However, even the most well-maintained equipment will need to be repaired at some point and we look forward to helping all our customers get back up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible!

Properly scheduled preventative maintenance can help ensure you don’t need to replace expensive HVAC or Refrigeration equipment in most cases due to proper system care, attention and longevity saving you money.

However, if it does come to that, you can rest assured that DBL J is a fully qualified furnace installation service.  We don’t just offer repairs to your heating or cooling equipment, we also offer installation of new units.

DBL J services a large area of the Okanagan.  From Lake Country and Oyama in the Central Okanagan, to Vernon, Armstrong and Enderby in the North Okanagan.

To ensure you receive the right type of service, please do not hesitate to contact us by email (by filling out the contact page form) or by phone.  You can call us at 250-503-8154.  Don’t wait until your furnace quits.  Call today and get your furnace repaired before it gets too cold.

Is your HVAC system not heating or cooling as it has or is supposed to?

This could be a large number of issues and will need proper troubleshooting by a certified tech who knows what they are doing and has been trained with years of quality experience! There are many components on any system that can malfunction and cause problems needing repair. Having a qualified and honest tech to figure it out and give you the best and most effective options is what home & business owners need. DBL J is that Tech!

It is more important than ever to have someone who has years of experience with your central air conditioner and knows the in’s and out’s of what is going on inside of your unit. If your central air conditioner isn’t working properly, or you are finding your utility bills are higher than normal you should contact us so we can take a look at your unit to see what is going on.

You may not need to suffer through high utility bills anymore

We all know how expensive electricity is these days so if your hydro bills seem higher then normal or in the past it could be due to a faulty component in your heating or cooling system. Most of the time it is a small part that needs to be repaired or replaced to bring your system back to its full efficiency. Leaving these repairs too long can cause larger more costly repairs down the road.

We repair residential & commercial heating, cooling & refrigeration systems

From your household AC/gas or electric furnace, heat pumps, to commercial roof top units, refrigeration for the food industry/restaurants and grocery equipment, we can help you out with it all!

DBL J HVAC/R also has many years of experience with furnace installation service. We can install a new furnace into your new home that is under construction, or we can retrofit a new furnace into your existing HVAC system. While we are at it, get us to check and repair your central air conditioner. Not to worry, if we don’t find any problems, we won’t charge you for anything you don’t need.

Finding and replacing parts in a timely and convenient time frame

It is hard to find great customer service these days so our mission is to provide excellent customer service with great communication and get the job done in a reasonable/reliable timely manner!

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